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We're hiring! Get paid to bring your friends to camp. Gain leadership skills. Be part of a rockstar team. Deepen your connection to the vibrant social fabric of Chicago. Come to camp for free. Apply by January 19, 2020.

*Psst. We strongly recommend you read the details below first


Trybal Gatherings, the leading provider of Jewish camp experiences for young adults, seeks to build a team of 5-7 ambassadors to scale our impact across Chicago and the Midwest. The Camp Champs program gives highly motivated, energetic, and savvy young professionals the opportunity to share their love of camp with their peers.


As a representative in the Chicago community, you will inspire a generation to get back to their roots, and embrace the vibrant Jewish community right in our backyard. This is an exciting paid opportunity to join one of the most buzzworthy entrepreneurial ventures in Jewish millennial engagement.

about YOU

People describe you as a connector. From the looks of your Instagram and the number of group chats on your phone, it’s clear that you’re passionate about sharing experiences with others. You have a finger on the pulse of Chicago. Or maybe you are the pulse. You know what’s happening in and around the city, and your friends ask for ideas on what’s worth checking out. You love attending events, but often think, “This would be even better if they…” You are a strong communicator and a natural influencer. When you talk, people listen. When you invite friends to something, they know it’s going to be good. You love camp, or you would have if you’d gone, and can’t wait to spread that playful magic across Chicago.


Expand Trybal Gatherings’ community in Chicago. This is a highly visible role, as you will be acting as a leader on behalf of the Trybal team, with opportunities to cultivate leadership skills and build your personal and professional network: 


  • Recruit for Trybal’s Wisconsin camp weekend, held at Camp Chi, August 27-30, 2020

  • Expand Trybal’s presence throughout Chicago, serving as a brand ambassador, online and in-person

  • Advise on creative program design

  • Participate in the Trybal Wisconsin camp weekend in a peer-leader role

  • Work with Trybal’s executive team to plan, organize, and execute recruitment events in Chicago

  • Meet new people, have fun!


  • Monthly check-in calls

  • Help out at Trybal’s events in Chicago

  • Serve as a brand ambassador at Jewish events

  • Hours are set at your convenience, with compensation paid by goals.


TIER 1:    $2,500

  • Recruit 10 new participants

  • Host 1 event (e.g., Shabbat dinner, happy hour, game night) open to the community to give people a taste of the Trybal experience

  • Attend 3 Chicago-area Jewish events leading up to camp

  • Free ticket to camp

TIER 2:    $5,000

  • Recruit 20 new participants

  • Host 2 events to promote Trybal

  • Attend 4 Chicago-area Jewish events prior to camp

  • Free ticket to camp

TIER 3:    $7,500

  • Recruit 30 new participants

  • Host 2 events to promote Trybal

  • Attend 5 local Jewish events prior to camp

  • Free ticket to camp

  • Invitation & flight to Camp Champs retreat in a secret location


  • Funding and coaching available for hosted events

  • Prorated compensation available for ambassadors who meet benchmarks after Tier 1

  • Up to $1,000 bonus available for completion beyond Tier 3

  • Exclusive access to leadership resources and curated professional development opportunities


Submit the questionnaire below and your resume by January 19, 2020. Questions? Contact Sarah at

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